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About SilverTECH, LLC

Company Overview

  • SilverTECH provides essential services to the wireless industry throughout the Pacific Northwest. We build and maintain the wireless infrastructure that keeps you connected to your loved ones.

  • We began as a consulting firm with decades of carrier level experience and have adapted to the market demands by developing strong crews of highly skilled individuals local to the market who take pride in our reputation.

  • Our commitment to the health and safety of our crews reflects the quality pf services delivered to our customers and creates a solid work and life balance for the crews and their families.

  • In a very short time, we have become an industry preferred construction supplier and couldn't be more excited to grow and sustain our commitment to excellence.

SilverTECH provides comprehensive telecommunication engineering and consulting services.

At SilverTECH we recognize the individuals that contribute to a successful team, we respect the skill sets and capabilities of each person. Our crew members understand the client requirements and work well together to efficiently complete projects. We also recognize some common traits demonstrated by our work family:

  • We're dedicated to delivering quality services safely

  • Love the challenge of attacking the next project

  • Fully trained and certified – and proud of it!

  • Have an adventurous spirit and love to be outdoors

We pride ourselves on building a winning culture, investing in our team, providing our team with a structured career path and competitive pay. This has helped us grow our company and establish a positive reputation and track record of delivering successful services.

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